Dry Eye Treatment

E-Eye Treatment for Dry Eyes

Causes & Symptoms

If you suffer from dry eyes, you could initially feel any number of symptoms as described in our video. You could also find you are having more difficulty in tasks such as working on a computer screen, due to a burning sensation in your eyes.
If left untreated, the discomfort and symptoms you are feeling can become permanent. This negative impact on your everyday life can be easily avoided. Book a checkup with us today.

Benefits of Treatment

  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Safe, quick & painless
  • Three treatments within 45 days
  • Long-lasting results for up to 3 years
  • Designed specifically for the treatment of dry eye related to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)
  • New lamp technology makes it possible to achieve neurological stimulation.
  • Air-cooling system allows for more infrared light to be used, making it more effective at gland regeneration.
  • 20-25% more effective than conventional IPLs after initial treatment, with an 90% satisfaction rate amongst patients.

Treatment Results

These remarkable results were obtained two months (on average) after the third E-Eye treatment. A considerable improvement in the symptoms perceived by patients, with a 90% satisfaction rate after the first 2 treatments. This improvement is clearly felt from the initial treatment session and for several days following the first treatment, with the rate of improvement continuing to increase after each subsequent treatment.

How it is treated?

Simple & Fast

  • Treatment sessions take only a few minutes.
  •  Patients are comfortably seated on a treatment chair, preferably
    tilted. The metal eyewear protection is adjusted on the patient’s
    eyes. Optical gel is then applied on the cheekbone and the temporal
  •  A series of 5 flashes is applied under one eye, starting from
    the inner canthus up to the temporal area, using the nominal power.
  • The same process is then repeated under the other eye

Instant Improvements

  • The stimulation leads to an improvement in function of the meibomian
    glands in a very short period of time (a few hours) following the treatment.
  • The full success of treatment depends on the compliance with a specific
    protocol. This protocol consists of 3 sessions as follows:

      • Day 0
      • Day 15
      • Day 45

    (A fourth session is optional at Day 75).